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BillHero - Split & Pay Bills


With BillGO you can:• Pay any bill, even rent. • Be reminded of upcoming bills and receive notifications when they are paid.• Split and pay bills with friends to avoid IOUs.• Pay bills with any payment method – bank account, debit card or credit card. • Quit logging into a bunch of websites every month and connect directly to your billing accounts.• Easily add bills through PicturePay® and email.• Feel protected by our stringent, bank-grade security.“Paying a bill is now faster than ever” – Yahoo Finance“Making bill pay even easier” – Business Insider“Easy, secure way to pay bills.” – Mobile Commerce Daily
Getting started with BillGO
Step 1: Add any billStep 2: Add your bank account, debit, or credit cardsStep 3: BillGO sends payment when it’s due
Then we automagically do it again the next month!
Sharing bills with roommates? No problem! You can easily split a bill by adding friends to it. We collect each person’s share to pay the final amount due.
Why choose BillGO?
Only BillGO automates bill pay in one easy personal finance app. So if you’re looking for an alternative bill tracker or organizer to Prism and Mint, this is it! We’re connected to a secure billpay network of 7,500+ billers nationwide and we support paying by bank account, debit, and credit cards from all U.S. financial institutions. BillGO can also be used to send money and request it (just like Venmo). No more checks, no more stamps, no more late fees, and no more hassle! Download now and get your bills paid, so you can get going.Send payments securely
The creators of BillGO hail from the world of banking security and billpay. We know how to keep your money and information safe. And, because we’re partially owned by a banking corporation, this means we protect your data with stringent, bank-grade security measures and your deposits are with a member FDIC institution. For more information visit
Pay rent onlineStill writing checks to pay rent? With BillGO you can split and pay rent in-app with your debit or credit card. We take care of collecting roommates’ shares and sending a check or electronic payment to your landlord. Bill tracker for budgeting money better
The more visibility you have into upcoming bills, the better you can be at budgeting your money. Use BillGO as a bill tracker and organizer for when bills are due, how much you need in your balance to pay bills, and whether or not your roommates need a reminder. You’ll always have a reminder of where your bills stand so your budget is on track. And no more missed payments means better credit for you! It’s time to take control of your personal finance with our bill organizer. Looking for BillHero, Bill Hero, or My BillHero? You’ve found us!